Knitting a Dog or Adopting One

Knitting a Dog or Adopting One

Mar 22nd 2023

A favorite blog I read is Mason-Dixon Knitting and on one of the latest entries talks about a new book called Knit Your Own Dog, by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. It looks like something dog lovers would like to do, or just read. Of course a knit dog would not do any of the great things a real dog would, but none of the bad things either.

I was drawn to the book because we have big news at our house: We have a new dog! We said when we had to put our elderly dog Sadie down that we didn’t want another dog but we realized that even after a whole year whenever we came home and opened the door there was that split second when both of us thought, “Where is she? Why isn’t she here jumping with joy to see us?”

We started to look at rescue dogs. We had such a great time with Sadie. Our daughter Laura and her family adopted Mel who was a stray and who has stolen all our hearts. He is small and not classically beautiful but no one who has ever met him has not had a smile. He has doggie charisma like crazy.

And just recently our son Paul saved the sweetest dog from being put down. Data, who was advertised as a Wheaten Terrier is actually partly St. Bernard and has that low key and loyal temperament.

So while we had family dogs we could borrow we plunged ahead to get one of our own. We found a great rescue. Their adoption process was very strict. I even felt at times a bit defensive. Couldn’t they understand that Sadie had a life of luxury with us—great care, food, a job as Head of Security at Signature??? But I now understand they were trying to find the best “fit” of rescued dog to family.

And so…. We are now have adorable 1 year old Cooper in our family. The rescue folks helped us to consider that he might have a long period of getting used to us but he absolutely didn’t. He fit right in and has not had any accidents and within only a few days he was doing fine at work too.

He was hit by a car and so has a crazy letter C tail as a result. His name was Cooper at the shelter and we kept it as one of the founding companies here in Kenosha was the Cooper Underwear company. You may have some of their underwear now as the current name is Jockey.

You will all be happy to know that he is on duty daily guarding your needles! And when one of us comes into the house he is there jumping for joy.