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  • Birthdays are Wonderful!

    Jun 1st 2018

    Birthdays are Wonderful!

    Signature’s 11th Birthday is almost here, but that birthday is taking a backseat to another birthday this year.I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Our family certainly had one that…

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  • Choosing is Hard to Do

    May 1st 2018

    Choosing is Hard to Do

    If you were at Maryland Sheep and Wool, you might have seen our prototype for a short 9-inch circular needle. This is a method of making socks or small “tubes” that does not use Magic Loop or doub…

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  • The Holidays are Here

    Dec 20th 2017

    The Holidays are Here

    The holidays are here! I bet many of you are up late and up early finishing projects, wrapping gifts, baking and decorating. That certainly is the case here. Everyone is working to get all the ord…

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  • The Best Gifts

    Dec 19th 2017

    The Best Gifts

    I know that all of you know that the best gifts we can get are loving families, health, and peace, but it is also a season for giving. Any of you who work in a business or office knows there is p…

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  • Happy Anniversary Year!

    Oct 15th 2017

    Happy Anniversary Year!

    2017 is well underway with winter almost behind us. This is a big anniversary year for Signature Needles Arts:It is our 10th Anniversary!I would never in a million years, have anticipated the wonderfu…

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  • Smart and Not Smart

    Aug 1st 2017

    Smart and Not Smart

    Around here our wonderful customers are always astonishing us. But in recent days we have a new contender for “Smartest Customer 2017”. Many of you have inquired about having a “life line” openi…

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  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Dec 1st 2016

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Nearly everyone does a mental inventory of what they are thankful for and I wanted to share some of what that means for me.Family – of course. The rush of the years may mean that some of us have los…

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  • New Website!

    Nov 1st 2016

    New Website!

    Today is a big day for Signature Needle Arts as we unveil our new website. We hope you will like the new needle builder, as well as the whole site, which will be a better experience for our custom…

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  • Land of Lincoln and Landing Day

    Aug 1st 2015

    Land of Lincoln and Landing Day

    Land of Lincoln and Landing Day We’re off to the Land of Lincoln. Everyone here is busy packing and planning for our time at Stitches Midwest which is in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg Illinois.…

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  • We HAVE Come a Long Way!

    Jun 1st 2014

    We HAVE Come a Long Way!

    This week Signature Needle Arts will be celebrating our SEVENTH birthday and we want to thank all of our loyal customers for helping us get here! I thought you might be interested to see how far w…

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  • Who Doesn’t Love a Convertible?

    May 1st 2014

    Who Doesn’t Love a Convertible?

    Summer is here and so are the new Signature Convertibles. This is a new concept so please allow me to explain: We are now offering circulars that are convertible to other lengths within a size whi…

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