• Here and Back

    Nov 30th 2012

    Here and Back

    It is pretty obvious that my New Year’s Resolution should be to do a better job of keeping up with the blog. It is not that nothing has happened, but that lots has. Everything from holiday hilarit…

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  •  Knitting a Dog or Adopting One

    Oct 3rd 2012

    Knitting a Dog or Adopting One

    A favorite blog I read is Mason-Dixon Knitting and on one of the latest entries talks about a new book called Knit Your Own Dog, by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. It looks like something dog lovers…

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  • Birthing is NEVER Easy!

    Sep 1st 2012

    Birthing is NEVER Easy!

    As a person who can truthfully say I gave birth to an 8# 13 oz baby with no anesthesia, I will tell you that getting the “little” circs out was a million times harder—and remember, a baby that siz…

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  • Summer: Lovers and Haters

    Aug 15th 2012

    Summer: Lovers and Haters

    Summer: Lovers and Haters I know that those of you are sad that the heat of summer is coming to the end. But for I say HOORAY! We have had the most horrible, hot, drought ridden summer that I can…

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  •  Hot Hot Hot

    Jul 15th 2012

    Hot Hot Hot

    Like so much of the country we have been brutalized by high temperatures and drought. Of course the most concern is for the farmers here in the heartland who provide so much food for our country.…

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  • If Only Crickets had Hair

    May 2nd 2012

    If Only Crickets had Hair

    When Signature was quite new we had a customer who took the chance and returned for more and more needles. She is from a part of Michigan that was going through some hard times and we became acqua…

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  • Third Time is the Charm!

    Apr 25th 2012

    Third Time is the Charm!

    I wanted to make a sweater for a special new baby who is the son of a close friend of our son’s. Seemed pretty simple—a cardigan with hood. I used a pattern from an English designer and that is wh…

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  • Going and Coming

    Apr 24th 2012

    Going and Coming

    It is the time of year for us to go to the wonderful Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival which is held in Maryland May 5-6 this year. Getting all our products and the booth furniture makes for a pack…

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  • Page 11

    Feb 15th 2012

    Page 11

    That is how far I got in reading the new book by our friend Kate Atherley before I had to stop and email her how much I loved it! Honestly every page has something interesting and clearly presente…

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