Birthdays and Birthdays

Birthdays and Birthdays

Jun 18th 2018

Birthdays and Birthdays

We kicked off Signature’s 10th Birthday with a big sale which included a big present to all our wonderful customers: a chance to win a free registration for our Fall Retreat. There were other gift certificates too and I can now reveal that Katy B. is the Grand Prize winner of the retreat prize. First prize winner, Cindy V. won the $350 gift certificate and second prize winner, Lynn S. won the $150 gift certificate.

Birthdays of real babies have been the focus of most of my knitting since the beginning of the year. My Godson and his wife had a beautiful baby girl in December. She has an older sister with so, so many beautiful clothes that it took me a while to think of something special for her. In early Spring I started a sweater with my first bit of intarsia that shows a Rose which is her middle name and belongs only to her.

Both Rose’s knitting grandmother, Barb, and I tend to use the Cascade Pima Cotton in the regular and fine weights. I have become committed to never making something for a baby that needs dry cleaning or special treatment. Only machine wash and dry is my gift for the new parents.

It is a Toddler 2 so I was ok with being distracted by other baby news. Another friend, a special Bothe co-worker, and Peggy from Signature all announced new babies or grandbabies. Not one of the 3 knew the sex of the baby so I tossed a coin and made this sweater for a baby girl.

Of course the first 2 babies were boys! I knew on a daily basis how excited Peggy was about her first grandchild and when the news came of Shawn’s birth I had to get to work.

I had knit this pattern before and loved the blue and white. The pattern is Check Stich Set: Cardigan Patons Dec. 2001. I have a copy of the booklet but it is now free on Ravelry.

Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and decided to make it seamless and raglan sleeve—and every single part of that was a mess. Trying to decrease to a raglan shape with the clean, clear ,neat original pattern was dreadful. I also committed the worst sin a knitter can do: I didn’t swatch and the result was a fabric so thick he could wear it in the Antarctic in winter where in real life he lives in a very warm place. So here is my confession which cost me precious time.

I went back to the original pattern and the result was what I wanted and what I hope his grandmother and mother will like.

And here is a picture of the darling boy with his grandmother Peggy

Now I am still backlogged 1 boy sweater and it has to be pretty big since Baby B is a big and beautiful boy. His dad is just a pleasure to see-so involved with the whole pregnancy and the joy of the new baby.

I bet every one of you has a project like my blue and white mess. If you care to confess, I would love to have evidence that I am not the only one.

And speaking of baby designs: Signature would love to have a kit with a sophisticated baby sweater. If you have a suggestion of a designer (or are a designer) please contact us at