Doesn’t Look Like Much

Doesn’t Look Like Much

May 10th 2023

This is a scarf I have finished –nothing fancy just soft and red in Feather and Fan pattern but it is part of something that makes it special. Several years ago we started here in the office to adopt a family from theSharingCenter. They have many more families than usual this year and because we know that we have such generous people here we got a big family—4 boys and parents.

Somehow we didn’t take a photo of the scarf so a talented artist of my acquaintance (Ms. Katie) has provided an approximation of the scarf and the happy mom wearing it.

The parents are the same year after year—they say “nothing for me. Just get the kids what they want.” This year after much prodding the mom asked for a chance to get a hair cut and color. Most of us do this sort of thing without even thinking, but she wanted her boys to have a good Christmas instead. Everyone here signed up for things for the family, but I took the mom.

I went to a local spot where the grandkids get their hair cut and the told the woman at the desk what I wanted and why. Without batting an eye she said, “All mothers are like that, aren’t they?” And then proceeded to tell me they didn’t do what I wanted but a competitor (of which I was not aware) did and sent me there.

The next day our paper reported that there were still over 100 families that needed adopting and when Laura (who spearheads this every year) mentioned that 2 other people in the office immediately said, “We need to take another family.” And we are. This time one with 2 small boys with wishes for the usual kid stuff, but needs for pretty basic things like winter coats.

The wonderful people here did a fantastic job. Everyone reported the same thing—that the shopping for the families is the most heart-warming of any they do. Our two families had gifts and food that filled 2 very large vehicles but our hearts were filled too with the feelings of the real spirit of the holiday.

My other recently finished project is one made of some Mission Falls cotton which I love but which is now discontinued. I confess I have bought up enough for many babies.

This one is going to a lovely girl baby born to the daughter of some dear friends. The mom and her husband are both in the Army and the dad spent several months in Afghanistan, a physician treating the injured there. He left his wife and 2 small boys home but he is home now and has a new baby girl.

There is a Grinch floating around out there however. We do our very best to get every package out as soon as we can—about 99% the next business day but we have had folks angry at us because the US Post Office has been so slow. You may be seeing this on other packages, cards and letters too. I can’t help but think that UPS and FEDEX will be finding ways to take packages to residences at more reasonable rates. In the meantime please know that we do the best we can to fill orders and get them in the mail.

So whether you are celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah I hope you will be mindful of family and those close to you. Be grateful, be healthy, and be happy.