Happy Anniversary Year!

Happy Anniversary Year!

Oct 15th 2017

2017 is well underway with winter almost behind us. This is a big anniversary year for Signature Needles Arts:

It is our 10th Anniversary!

I would never in a million years, have anticipated the wonderful customers we have had who have made our company a success. I don’t have to say something you have heard before: We simply could not have done it without you.

It turns out that the 10th Anniversary is “aluminum” which couldn’t be more perfect for us. Our Anniversary is such a big deal that we made the decision to do something really big.

We are going to have a special Anniversary Retreat in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at the Abbey Resort, which is just west of us and easy to get to from Chicago or Milwaukee airports. The retreat will start on Friday October 13 and end on Sunday October 15, 2017.

We have been working very hard to have fantastic teachers: Kate Atherley, Romi Hill, Ann Budd and our own Wisconsinite Susan B. Anderson. We hope to showcase lots of Wisconsin products and some of our suppliers in a Vendor hall. We plan on special gifts and special patterns and yarns.

The discussions about the food and special events and gift bags during the weekend have made me very comfortable saying that if you come, you will have a very special time at a beautiful time of year here in the Midwest.

Every single meeting has started with “how can we make this the best anyone has seen at a knitting retreat?” The sign-up date with final details will be on our site in the next week or so. We will also be sending emails to everyone that subscribes to our newsletter in case you missed the first information on the retreat. Places are limited, so procrastination may mean you miss out.

If you contacted us when the retreat was first revealed, you will get an email a day earlier to see if you are still interested.

Between retreat planning and the usual Signature work, I still have been knitting. It seems like it is all babies all the time right now.

This is for a darling baby girl. It is Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton which has been my go to yarn for babies since it is non allergenic and machine washable.

Our in-law family lives in Minneapolis, which is a huge Vikings town. Here in adjacent Wisconsin, Green Bay Packers are the team we love. Imagine then a baby boy being born into a Minneapolis home where Packer fans live. Not much Packer gear at any baby shower so I sent this:

Knitting at home continues but the Retreat is the focus here at work. You will get all the final details before I can knit another baby sweater.