New Website!

New Website!

Mar 27th 2023

Today is a big day for Signature Needle Arts as we unveil our new website. We hope you will like the new needle builder, as well as the whole site, which will be a better experience for our customers. The site will give you the same experience on tablets and cell phones too.

All the improvements and hard work by so many here, and at our developers, Tuna Traffic, have sent me down memory lane to when we started nearly 10 years ago. Of course the internet was vastly different, but we were completely out of our element. We knew how to make the needles but selling them on a website was a different matter. We didn’t have a clue as to what questions we should have asked, nor what we should expect in helping customers have a good experience. At that time, the developers also were in infancy. We spent a mountain of money for things we probably didn’t need and had no way to make changes easily.


The next phase, after our education in websites, was to try and manage ourselves using free-lance subcontractors for changes. This was a real burden for the person here since I had to email in the middle of the night, more than once, that “the site is down – now what??”


In the subsequent years, our products have increased and the SKUs are now in the thousands with all the different options we offer. At the same time, we became much more familiar with internet shopping and what we expect on a site that works well. The result is Signature Website 3.0. We have all new photos, a better and cleaner layout, and an improved process for ordering. Our developer is Tuna Traffic (nutty name but great people). Tuna was able to help us create an enhanced experience for our customers.