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Spring or Is it?

Spring or Is it?

Apr 30th 2013

We have had such a cold and miserable and WET time the past few months. Rain and roof leaks and folks here with water in finished basements. Honestly last week we had snow showers. And then yesterday (the last day of April) when I walked out of the office

We are near Lake Michigan so I drove down to see what the lake did to temperatures

The heat is nice but it will condense a wonderful sign of spring at one of our town’s community centers which was an old Anglican Girl’s School—a sea of beautiful blue Scylla I hoped to be able to see it for as many days as possible before we leave for the ever amazing Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Preparation has been going on for weeks and today is the day for packing.

You may notice a new face. We are so happy to have Donna here doing all the project management as well as the zillions of things that need to get done besides the manufacturing of the needles. She has jumped in with a wonderful enthusiasm. She also helps with Customer Service calls afternoons so some of you may have already “met” her on the phone.

We will be in the Main Building Booth C5 . This year you will see Laura and me as well as Vicki who is our financial manager. This is her first show and we have been trying to explain the fantastic MSW but I am quite sure that we have not really conveyed the size, the yarn, the sheep and the wonderful people. Please come by if you can.

I am just finishing a few baby sweaters and once the buttons are on will share. Right now I have 2 wonderful wedding projects waiting as our son Paul will be bringing the wonderful Marian into the family later this summer. As it will be an outdoor wedding she asked for a shrug to wear over her wedding dress for the evening festivities.

She and her mom Nancy and I had a wonderful morning going over many, many patterns and found one she liked. A special treat was getting to see “the dress” once more in person. Right now I have enough different yarn to make 3 of the pattern for her to review. What will happen to the other shrugs is yet to be decided. Maybe a Shrugathon give away?

Early summer will mean a bridal shower and who doesn’t like those?? I am stealing an idea from a shower I went to recently which will require knit hot pads (32 of them). I have never really done any of these and am looking for any direction as to a good yarn. I think cotton but would a blend work? If you can give any help or direction it would be most appreciated.

This project is especially meaningful to Marian and me since she knit me a pot holder for a gift. If it had been me in her shoes I would have had a lot of anxiety in giving such a gift: new mother-in-law to be, who is a long time experienced knitter, and head of a knitting needle company. Turns out I had never made anything like this for myself or anyone else and its unique shape helps me every single morning when I have my one cup of coffee. I can’t think of any gift that I use so often and every single time I use it I mentally thank her and am glad she is coming into the family.

Just in: weather in 70’s today but by tomorrow and Friday back down to the 50’s—maybe Maryland will have a real Spring to show off.

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