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Peristyle Kit by Laura Schmidt

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The term Peristyle refers to a colonnade surrounding a building or a courtyard. This hat’s design is directly inspired by
the hand-carved stone columns of Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture, typically used in peristyles. Proportioned
on the Ionic Column, the hat band is designed to resemble the classic fillets of a column base using series of knits
and purls. Using a carefully placed slipped stitch, column fluting emerges from the base, terminating elegantly at
the top of the hat creating a ribbed dome.

Kit contains:

Fully Detailed Pattern by Laura Schmidt of Anthemia Crafted

Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted Wool Yarn- 250 yards of USA sourced wool in the Color Urchin.

We recommend US size 07 16" Signature Needle Arts Circular Needles. (not included with the kit)


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