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Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

0 2.00mm
01 2.25mm
1.50 2.50mm
02 2.75mm
2.50 3.00mm
03 3.25mm
04 3.50mm
05 3.75mm
06 4.00mm
07 4.50mm
08 5.00mm
09 5.50mm
10 6.00mm


Color Coding Chart for Signature Needle Arts

Red: Sizes 02/2.75mm and 07/4.50mm
Blue: Sizes 3.0mm, 05/3.75mm and 10/6.0mm
Green: Sizes 01/2.25mm and 06/4.00mm
Purple: Sizes 2.5mm, 04/3.50mm and 09/5.5mm
Gold: Sizes 03/3.25mm and 08/5.0mm


Signature Needle Arts Inventory Grid

This handy table keeps track what you already have and what to add to your Wish List. 

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