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Birthday Buddies Complete

Published by Cathy Bothe on Aug 17th 2021

At last, the Birthday Buddy sweater is done and delivered.As you may remember our son-in-law’s sister had her first grand baby on her birthday.I am in the same club in sharing a birthday with a grandson.

The problem with a baby sweater is always whether it gets completed before the baby outgrows it.


I made this with Cascade Pima Cotton which has a huge array of colors. The best thing is that it is machine washable and dry-able.I think making a baby item that needs hand washing and drying or, even worse, dry cleaning is just mean. What new parents need that pressure?

When it arrived Kris (the grandmother), she told me she loved the sweater, but she reminded me about how special that yarn was to her:  her husband and granddad to the baby was born in Peru and that was where the grandparents met. She was thrilled to notice that this yarn comes from Peru so another link between the sweater and her family.

We just announced the first price increase since 2012 based on our commitment to continued manufacturing of our needles here in America. We were so happy to get understanding, supporting feedback.We appreciate every single one of you!

I bet many of you have the same sort of links between your knitting, and your family or the recipient of a gift—maybe it is the yarn source, or the source of your tools, or the pattern, or the reason for making the project. We are knitted together in ways that go far beyond a piece of knitting.

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