• May 14th 2020

    Doing My Part

    For many of us, the pandemic is the first time we have had to deal with a large-scale change to our daily lives. There have been challenges before, but they have been more isolated or the path to a…

    Published by Guest Post by Jennifer

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  • Apr 24th 2020

    From Behind Closed Doors

    As my husband and I start week 6, I wanted to share what is happening here and back at the office. Bothe Associates, who manufactures all the needles, was designated “essential” because we make…

    Published by Cathy Bothe

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  • Mar 19th 2020

    Corona 03-19-2020

    How many times have you heard, “I’ve never, ever seen anything like this!” I know that all of us have been touched by the Corona virus either by illness, or school closings, or work closings or jus…

    Published by Cathy Bothe

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  • “It’s Harder Than It Looks”

    Dec 1st 2018

    “It’s Harder Than It Looks”

    When our boys were about 7 and 11 our older son asked if they could have the money we would have paid a barber if he cut his younger brother’s hair. We wanted to encourage them so we agreed with t…

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  • The Retreat: Where to begin

    Nov 1st 2018

    The Retreat: Where to begin

    Of course, we have all read about knitting retreats and the teachers/attendees always say the same things: amazing teachers; amazing people at the retreat; amazing locale.The Signature Retreat was…

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  • Birthdays and Birthdays

    Jun 18th 2018

    Birthdays and Birthdays

    Birthdays and BirthdaysWe kicked off Signature’s 10th Birthday with a big sale which included a big present to all our wonderful customers: a chance to win a free registration for our Fall Retrea…

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  • Birthdays are Wonderful!

    Jun 1st 2018

    Birthdays are Wonderful!

    Signature’s 11th Birthday is almost here, but that birthday is taking a backseat to another birthday this year.I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Our family certainly had one that…

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  • Choosing is Hard to Do

    May 1st 2018

    Choosing is Hard to Do

    If you were at Maryland Sheep and Wool, you might have seen our prototype for a short 9-inch circular needle. This is a method of making socks or small “tubes” that does not use Magic Loop or doub…

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  • The Holidays are Here

    Dec 20th 2017

    The Holidays are Here

    The holidays are here! I bet many of you are up late and up early finishing projects, wrapping gifts, baking and decorating. That certainly is the case here. Everyone is working to get all the ord…

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  • The Best Gifts

    Dec 19th 2017

    The Best Gifts

    I know that all of you know that the best gifts we can get are loving families, health, and peace, but it is also a season for giving. Any of you who work in a business or office knows there is p…

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