• Smart and Not Smart

    Aug 1st 2017

    Smart and Not Smart

    Around here our wonderful customers are always astonishing us. But in recent days we have a new contender for “Smartest Customer 2017”. Many of you have inquired about having a “life line” openi…

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  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Dec 1st 2016

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Nearly everyone does a mental inventory of what they are thankful for and I wanted to share some of what that means for me.Family – of course. The rush of the years may mean that some of us have los…

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  • Land of Lincoln and Landing Day

    Aug 1st 2015

    Land of Lincoln and Landing Day

    Land of Lincoln and Landing Day We’re off to the Land of Lincoln. Everyone here is busy packing and planning for our time at Stitches Midwest which is in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg Illinois.…

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  • We HAVE Come a Long Way!

    Jun 1st 2014

    We HAVE Come a Long Way!

    This week Signature Needle Arts will be celebrating our SEVENTH birthday and we want to thank all of our loyal customers for helping us get here! I thought you might be interested to see how far w…

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  • Who Doesn’t Love a Convertible?

    May 1st 2014

    Who Doesn’t Love a Convertible?

    Summer is here and so are the new Signature Convertibles. This is a new concept so please allow me to explain: We are now offering circulars that are convertible to other lengths within a size whi…

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  • Mar 25th 2014

    Spring Somewhere

    This winter has been horrible. They “say” that March 20 is the first day of Spring. Here in mid-America we are still way below normal in temps. For us getting into the 40s seems wonderful– kind of…

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  • Polar Vortex as Profanity

    Feb 3rd 2014

    Polar Vortex as Profanity

    We live in Wisconsin and we know about winter: cold, ice, black ice, snow drifts, frozen lakes and snow days. And now we know about a “polar vortex”. Horrible, life threatening cold that makes you…

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  • Winner upon Winner

    Jan 29th 2014

    Winner upon Winner

    When Super Storm Sandy hit everyone here felt so bad for all the people affected. We even had a direct link since we were working with the final steps of the Lacey Arches pattern by the famous des…

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  • Gifts That Lead to Gifts

    Jul 1st 2013

    Gifts That Lead to Gifts

    Think of having to cook for Julia Child. I know all about how gut-wrenching such a proposition might be so you can imagine my delight when our new future daughter-in-law (the lovely Ms Marian) m…

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  • Spring or Is it?

    Apr 30th 2013

    Spring or Is it?

    We have had such a cold and miserable and WET time the past few months. Rain and roof leaks and folks here with water in finished basements. Honestly last week we had snow showers. And then yester…

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  • Here and Back

    Nov 30th 2012

    Here and Back

    It is pretty obvious that my New Year’s Resolution should be to do a better job of keeping up with the blog. It is not that nothing has happened, but that lots has. Everything from holiday hilarit…

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