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Spring Somewhere

Mar 25th 2014

This winter has been horrible. They “say” that March 20 is the first day of Spring. Here in mid-America we are still way below normal in temps. For us getting into the 40s seems wonderful– kind of like a starving person thinks moldy bread is quite nice. We traveled to see friends to upper Wisconsin this past weekend and when we left on Sunday it was -22 degrees. Not wind chill but real -22degrees on March 23! At this rate we will be putting away our winter coats on Memorial Day. Those of you who live places where you can just walk outdoors with no bundling should consider yourself lucky. We have had some great fun in the family as we plod toward Spring. First, our grandson grew his luxurious, curly and fabulous red hair since his Uncle Paul’s wedding last September in preparation for a great event. There is a group here called the St. Baldric’s Foundation that gathers people to get their heads shaved to earn money for Pediatric Cancer Research. Here he is before, during, and after:


I think this is pretty gutsy for a middle school kid and we are so proud of him. Our granddaughter is the photographer in the family and dog lover. This is Mel (one of 3 rescue dogs in the family) celebrating St. Patrick’s day:

Here at Signature the world of knitting has no cute kids or dogs but lots of other activity. We have a new kit coming out with the fabulous young designer Toby Roxane in April as well as early preparation for our trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival in early May. My own knitting has been all babies all the time. A young friend and his wife have just had twins so my plans for a sweater had to be doubled. Here are some pieces

The dad works on our local newspaper and I know the 1st amendment is very important to him so I thought the red, white, blue would be a good reminder of that. I also got a wonderful and unexpected email from another new to be Dad–he had seen an earlier blog post of the 2 sided blanket I made for a baby with an American dad and Brazilian mom with the flag/colors of each. His mom is a knitter and she wants to replicate for their American/Brazilian baby to be. I have to refigure what I did on the Brazil side because I didn’t keep my chart but I am happy to do this. I consider it my part in helping international relations.

I am also trying to do something about my stash–it is beyond belief and I know I will not be able to stop myself from adding. I have decided that between baby sweaters I will do hats/scarves for next winter which will probably be starting on the 4th of July.

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