The Holidays are Here

The Holidays are Here

Dec 20th 2017

The holidays are here! I bet many of you are up late and up early finishing projects, wrapping gifts, baking and decorating. That certainly is the case here. Everyone is working to get all the orders out and try to sooth customers whose orders are delayed by events like blizzards. In the midst of the holiday busyness we have a wonderful announcement. We are about to launch our Signature Sock Series – the small sizes sock lovers have wanted.

Of course, we planned on having them ready months ago, but every single time we thought we could move a step ahead we had two back. Insane things happening never seen here before. The great news is that we will have the first of the Sock Series, the US size 1/2.25mm, ready for sale on Monday Dec. 12th. We will be adding US size 2/2.75mm and the 2.5mm and 3.0mm soon.

Here is what you need to know: they are fixed and not part of the convertible series of sizes (3-10); the cable is a different color and is tougher than the black on the other sizes; and they don’t rotate. Our usual warranty applies to them. You will finally have our fabulous points in a stalk length of your choice.

The holiday wishes for each and every one of you from me, and all the Signature team are simple. We hope you find some time for knitting and that you have a happy, healthy New Year full of fun and kindness.

We have some special surprises coming as we have our 10th anniversary in 2017 so get ready to celebrate?